We are CoEB - the Center of Excellence in Biodiversity and Natural Resource Management

CoEB is a Rwandan Government institution that functions as a consortium of governmental and non-governmental organizations, bringing together expertise and skills to produce information needed for effective policy and science-driven economic transformation.  The Center is hosted at University of Rwanda and works in three areas: research and monitoring, bioprospecting, and conservation education and awareness raising.

The Center plays a catalytic and coordinating role to ensure sharing of scientific knowledge and expertise for evidence-based decisions in conservation, natural resource management and climate resiliency.  We provide leadership, best practices, research, support and training in the domain of biodiversity, natural resource management, and impacts of climate change on ecosystems and livelihoods.  The goal is to encourage, enable and support stakeholders to generate and apply knowledge on biodiversity and natural resources for sustainable development. We address the need for data for national reporting requirements (CBD, NDC, etc.) and to inform existing indicators of global biodiversity trends, such as the Living Planet Index from WWF, the Red List Index, GEO BON Species Protection Index, and the need for data in land use planning decisions, restoration projects, and ecosystem health and services provisioning.


All issues are public and available through Github