Marie Claire Dusabe Testimony

My name is Marie Claire Dusabe, I work for Rwanda Wildlife Conservation Association as Bat Project Coordinator to protect and conserve threatened bat species of Rwanda as well as their habitats. Prior to my work with bats, I worked on a number of different research projects about freshwater quality using macro-invertebrates diversity.

The first time I was called by the team working on RBIS asking me to share data I felt I was not interested because I could not understand why they need me to share my own data. I could not even think about creating time to organize data and share them. I had a bad perception toward data sharing; I was asking myself what if they do not recognize you as a data owner, what is even the role of giving them my data? I could really not giving value to the Biodiversity Information system they were telling me. One of the RBIS staff tried to explain to me the importance of sharing data and I had that mentality of not wanting to understand. I remember Mapendo is one of the RBIS staff, he is a friend of mine and a former classmate; he is the one who convinced me. However, by the time I saw the RBIS outside launched showing biodiversity data we have in Rwanda, I immediately realized how it is going to be easy to track the researches done on biodiversity in Rwanda, recognize the gaps, and access the available data as well as connecting with other researchers in Rwanda. That when I called the RBIS staff announcing to them that I am willing to share the second bunch of macro-invertebrates data I collected from Rusizi tributaries at the Rwandan side.

The networking among researchers of Rwanda is coming for us!! Now I know the easy way to access biodiversity data and their owners in Rwanda. That is the Rwanda Biodiversity Information System.

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